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Hi, I’m Julien Crouzet, a french developer.

This is my personal website.



Hi, I’m Julien Crouzet, I’m a french developer, mainly fullstack, my favourite sujects are :

  • Go
  • C
  • React
  • Video streaming, and all about medias tech

This website can talk about other subjects, if I want to.

A blog or a personal website can a very time-consuming activity to be maintained, I’ll try to update it as often as possible, but no warranty, of course.

Please share it if you can/want, it’ll probably help me to get motivated.

English is not my first language, content may, erm, will contain a lot of typos and errors, don’t hesitate to make pull requests if you want.

Latest Post

Jun 11, 2022

A little bit of context

Go’s context is a very central package and can be very useful and powerful if it’s used correctly. For example, the net/http or the the grpc packages rely on it. On the other hand, its concepts can be a little difficult to understand and can be confusing, leading developpers to skip it or use it in a wrong manner.

Let’s try to explore it !

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